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Meet Wend

Mindset Coach and Leadership Strategist

Hi, I am Wendy, Wend for short. My career has spanned over thirty years of developing eight-figure successful brands in hospitality and travel while guiding individuals and businesses to secure sustainable success.  I have enjoyed helping clients reach independent life goals and overcoming blocks and generational conditioning.


I have developed successful strategies and marketing for some of the top luxury brand hotels, independent lodges, and resort properties in the world while developing strong teams that align, creating a happy, healthy workplace environment. I opened my own multi-million dollar consulting agency in 2010, working with clients to achieve life goals, redevelop and create new business opportunities and overcome perceived issues in both business and on a personal level to live a life of happiness and balance.


I myself, have overcome past trauma and serious health issues by pivoting my own life, creating business opportunities, and removing stress. Through this work, I ultimately lost 90 pounds and found happiness and peace with my past. When I'm not exploring the world with my camera, I am writing books and articles to help others with the knowledge I have obtained. I enjoy developing healthy recipes, yoga, exploring the world, and living my best life trying to pay my success forward.

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