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Personal Profile

Wendy Cole Personal and Business Coach

Wendy started her career working in the catering office of a five-star hotel in Toronto, Canada, progressing to the top of her industry. She has had the privilege of career opportunities, living around the world, working for some of the top hotel and resort companies, developing sales and marketing, and implementing operational and service upgrades to streamline costs and offer authentic experiences. She secured success through strategic and innovative thinking, and not being afraid to challenge the norm. This included securing contracts for Marriott and Hyatt Hotels that would eventually lead to billions of dollars in revenue and a spin-off business that continues to see success today. She worked diligently with governments and airlines to secure sustainable opportunities like new airlift to destinations to ensure continued sales growth for the hotel and destination while coaching hotel owners, executives, and staff on overcoming difficult situations and building strong supportive, and aligned teams.


With her strategic thinking, extensive network, and successful coaching knowledge, she opened a consulting firm in 2010 and continued to develop operations, sales, and marketing for new clients in hospitality, eventually branching out to destinations, health care, entertainment, advertising, and fitness industries.

The years of traveling and building a career took a toll on Wend's health which, as she does in business, she embraced as an opportunity and changed her lifestyle. This lead to healing her body and mind and losing 90 pounds while educating herself through research, psychology, and coaching certifications. With this new knowledge, Wend furthered her training and combines health and wellness in her sessions when needed with her clients. 

When Wend is not helping clients, you can find her with her camera, writing books, researching mental wellness and business strategy, working out, walking the beach, or trying to create healthy and tasty new recipes in her kitchen.

 Linkedin BIO: Wendy Cole HGS

The Academy Of Modern Applied Psychology - Life Coaching Certificate

Cornell University - Health & Nutritious Living Certificate

Yale University - Introduction to Psychology Certificate

Standford University - Introduction to Food and Health Certificate

Sheridan College - Professional Modelling and Related Careers Degree


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