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Fully certified, I’ve been successfully coaching clients as a personal and business consultant for many years. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of your organization or life’s demands, my services aim to introduce opportunities with a fresh set of eyes, offer clarity and remove blocks and optimize goal-setting, and self-motivation. I also teach techniques to better manage emotional stress and work / life balance.

Leadership Strategy

Great leadership has a trickle effect that cascades down every level of your organization. Developing business skills, knowledge, and understanding of effective practices is crucial to securing success. Once these basics are in place, effective leadership requires knowledge of oneself and developing emotional maturity, and a deeper understanding of your management style and how it impacts your business.

Implementing a new leadership strategy can assist in overcoming some of the following situations:

  • You put your heart, soul, and time into developing a product, launching your app, or implementing a service, and you thought you would see immediate success. You hired a team of experts to help you, but they are constantly fighting and undermining each other, and your business is failing. 

  • You worked your way up the organization and watched great leaders ahead of you develop new levels of business, finding success each time. Now that you are the CEO, and the world of business changed with the pandemic, the great resignation, and the economy, how do you pivot to find the same success as your predecessors?

  • As a leader in your company, you feel you have a lot to prove and want to be the best in the region and are struggling with how to work with a team that is used to doing things as they have always done them. How do you develop a new business strategy while maintaining the authenticity of the company and gaining the respect of your team?

Business workers talking

Mindset Coaching

We all get stuck at times in our lives and see ourselves repeating negative patterns and not sure how to take the next step. Working with a coach can provide you with insight to understand triggers, generational conditioning, overcome a situation or habit, and move forward from the past while setting actionable accountable steps. You will learn to uplevel your life, build positive actions, develop mindset strengths, and achieve new opportunities to secure happiness, freedom from the past, and work/life balance. Mindset coaches work with clients to overcome some of the challenges below:

  • You have built a solid career, and life events have made you realize that this work no longer fulfills you, rewards you, or challenges you.

  • You had lost the weight only to regain it and anything you do from starving to working out daily is not budging the weight. What is the real reason for the weight/body issues?

  • You keep attracting people into your life that challenge you, making you feel inferior and not good enough. Figuring out why these people keep coming into your life, how to set safe boundaries and how to build a strong and supportive network

  • You have visions of success in your life but feel overwhelmed by taking the steps to achieve these goals

  • You have dreamed of starting your own business or you have started that business and you are not finding success. Working with a coach that understands business strategy combined with helping you understand yourself can lead to new insight and growth with your business

Image by Saurav S

Unbuilding Blocks

Our minds are very powerful, creating positive and negative thoughts and experiences. You may be in the midst of a successful career and suddenly, you feel stuck, maybe you were passed over for a promotion, or left a job and don't know the next steps. You have worked hard, found success, and are at the top of your career but something is missing. Maybe you want to start a business and can't get past the "what if". Feeling guilty for not being able to move forward, slow in making decisions, questioning everything you know. You want to move forward but can't seem to take the next step. 

Blocks are real. In some cases, they can be from twiggers of unresolved issues or changes in your environment that you are not subconsciously comfortable with. They can come from a lack of confidence or uncertainty. They can come from life changes and what we thought would be our life plan when it suddenly changed. They can come from an inner desire for change but are not able to take steps to make the change.

Understanding and being able to move beyond blocks can ease stress, and anxiety and allow you to live a balanced healthy, and fulfilling life. 

Wend can work with you using various coaching methods to get to the root of the blocks, unbuild what has been blocking you, and work with you to plan a strategy for the next steps, supporting you along the way. 

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