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Overcoming Fears To Move Forward

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

You can have fear towards things or situations. Some fears can be small and easily overcome and other fears can be debilitating, making it difficult to move forward in your career, relationship or living your life. Fear is natural and a biochemical response to protect you against physical or mental harm, also known as “fight or flight response”. These responses make logical sense in some cases like being afraid of a bear when you encounter one in nature or a snake poised to strike you. The emotion you feel to protect yourself from that danger is a healthy response as it can save your life.

When other fears are limiting your ability to change your career, go on a date, start your dream business or move to a new area, these could be stemming from fear of the unknown and can be overcome.

Steps to overcoming some fears:

  1. Recognize the fear: If you have found yourself in a situation that you want to make a change but are stuck, find some quiet time to sit and think why. Is it fear of the unknown? Is it pressure or advice you are getting from someone else? Have you had a bad experience in the past? If the fear is unknown, think back to an earlier time, maybe in childhood when someone told you could not do something, had a bad date, or would not be successful doing X.

  2. Change the fear story: Our subconscious is very impactful on our emotions including fear. If your fear stems from someone telling you not to do something or you had a bad experience in the past, change the past story to a positive one. Again, sit in a quiet space, journaling is great as well, and replay the story in your mind with a positive ending this time; your Mother/Father telling you that you will change the world and impact lives positively with this new career choice. Change the bad date experience to a positive one, make it your story.

  3. Make an action plan: Whether you are a list maker or not, writing down steps you can take to overcome this fear and take you to the next level is making a commitment to move forward. If it’s a new career and you are not sure, how can you test the waters? Are there action steps you can take to join an association in that field, join a Facebook Group, talk to others in that profession? If it is moving, is there a community Facebook Group or online group you can follow to learn more about the area?

  4. Take one step today: After you have made your action plan, what one step can you take today? If you find yourself still frozen in fear and unable to move forward, talk to someone. Whether it’s a counselor, business or personal coach, psychologist, or a good friend or spouse, someone that will be supportive and non-judgmental to help you recognize the fear and take action towards conquering it.

  5. Congratulate yourself on victory: Once you have taken that one step, congratulate yourself, being able to overcome fear is being able to change your subconscious. Continue to work through your action steps, while looking after yourself, eating healthy, getting sleep, and exercising to relieve stress. You have got this!

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