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Leadership Strategy & Miindset Coaching

Taking the first step to up level and change course instead of riding the wave, is the bravest step you can take. Pivoting and living a life of authenticity, breaking through blocks can be achieved

Wend Cole.

Meet Wend

Certified Mindset Coaching Expert 

 Hi, I am Wend. My progressive business career has led me to develop business strategies to secure sustainable success while guiding

C-Suite clients to reach authentic and independent life-changing goals.


I have developed brand, sales, and marketing for some of the world's top luxury hotels, lodges and resort properties while coaching individuals to overcome blocks and develop successful careers, align strong teams, and create a happy, healthy, balanced workplace environment.


I opened my own multi-million dollar consulting agency in 2010, working with clients to start, pivot, and rebuild successful and sustainable businesses while achieving life goals and happiness.


When I’m not exploring the world with my camera, I am writing, developing healthy recipes, and living my best life.


“What would life be if we had courage to attempt anything?”

“I had hired Wend to help take my business to the next level and through her insight, was able to increase profits, eliminate staffing issues plus I have overcome some personal issues that I now realize were causing my business to fail. Her insight and knowledge to develop individual strengths saved my business and my health.”

- Shelly B.

"The insight that Wend had into turning my fears into strength was incredible. I was able to remove blocks that I had most of my career and got a great job making more money than I expected with a company that believes in work life balance"

-Dan F.

"Working in the medical field, we are expected to deal with high stress silently. No one talks about burn out, but it is real. Working with Wend got me to the root of my issue and allowed me to reconnect with the work I love. My family life has improved, I lost the stress weight and I now enjoy a work life balance."

- Dr. W

"I had not realized how my conditioned thinking was limiting my vision to do something new with my life. Through Wend's coaching, I  launched a new online training program on something that had been my hobby and it has now become my full time work. I am doing what I love and helping others grow their own passion for music." 

- Michelle S.

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Support That Makes a Difference

Question 1 - Why

What is your purpose?

The opportunity to work with visionary companies and individuals to build authentically and find sustainable success while positively impacting their clients is where I thrive. To help others uplevel through mentoring and finding life balance and reward, is something I value.

Question 2 - How?

How does this work?

I start with where you are at, your vision, your goals and ask the questions to move leaders from working in their companies to working on their companies, their mindsets, and their blocks. For individuals, I work with them to open their mind to new possibilities, changing course with their company's direction to achieve better success or taking steps to achieve their dream job, or start their own company.

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Questions 3 - Where

Where do you work from?

I work with you either virtually through Zoom or in-person (when possible). I am based in the New York area and work on east coast time. Depending on my schedule, I have been known to attend 4:00 AM meetings, for clients in different time zones, if it makes sense. I work with a maximum of 5 clients at a time to ensure my availability, and attention. I structure meeting with my clients for a minimum of 1 hour per week and additional hours for face-to-face meetings.

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